Frequently Asked Questions

Dude, where are you?

Downtown Friendswood, Texas—in the Stones Throw shopping center. Look for Sno Beach, Acori Diamonds and Design, and Perry & Sons restaurant. It’s an L-shaped center; I’m back in the corner of the L. Look for the bird on my sign.

What’s with all the Edgar Allan Poe stuff?

I think Poe’s “The Raven” is one of the greatest poetic accomplishments in English-language history. And the imagery and vibe resonates with me. The words “forgotten lore” come from the first stanza of “The Raven,” and I just kind of built the shop with that ethos in mind. So in addition to lots of Poe, I keep a very large selection of occultism. Lots of alchemy, UFO stuff, astrology, freemasonry, folklore, religion, philosophy, dream interpretation, magic, Asian astrology and religion, paranormal phenomenon, Rosicrucianism, vampires, ghosts, ESP, tarot, and the like.

Is your inventory available online?

Several hundred of my books are listed on Abe Books. You can access them here.

Can I take this book off the shelf?

Yes. Nothing in Forgotten Lore is off-limits. There are no glass cases or triple-locked cabinets or secret bunkers. Something looks interesting? Take a look. Just keep in mind some of my books are worth thousands of dollars, so I ask that you exercise great care when handling anything in the shop. So please avoid opening books more than a 45-degree angle or fanning the leaves. For many of my books, the value is bound up almost entirely in condition. Please be gentle.

Do you appraise books?

Yes. If you are curious about how much a particular family heirloom is worth, bring it in and let’s check it out. I’m not going to charge you a fee just to take a look at your book and tell you more about its retail value. I might make an offer though. If you need a written appraisal of your collection or single rare book, I can do that too. In this case there will be a fee—please inquire by email, by phone, or in person.

What is your return policy?
Buyers may return books to Forgotten Lore within 90 days of purchase for a refund; I ask that books be in the same condition as when purchased.